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Some of the articles given in this blog are for my students. At times these are mere reproductions of the class notes. Their coverage and level of complexity is thus restricted as per the demands of university syllabus.

Students should also note that these notes should be supplemented by appropriate books and reading materials as discussed in class.


1. Prasad Kulkarni - May 4, 2011

want to know about “arguments to protection”

2. Prasad Kulkarni - April 5, 2011

Respected Sir,
I just happend to attain one GD n d topic was “Should india adopt 2 party political system like US”. Sir u views on the same and want to knw its impact on economy if such system is implemented.

Chetan Chitre - April 6, 2011

Hi Prasad,

Would you like to go to a garden where there are only 2 types of flowers? Or would you like your wardrobe to have clothes only in 2 colours?

I am personally not in favour of the 2 party system. Political parties have an important function of representing the views and opinions of the people. And it would be incorrect to presume that there could be only 2 opinions about a given issue.

Most issues, especially when it comes to policy making, have to be looked at from multiple angles. Diversity of opinion is healthy. I am not sure if a 2-party system will be in a position to handle this.

To take a simple example in Indian context – we can look at the Shivsena and the BJP. Though both are essentially right-wing parties, they still have different views on a number of topics.

More than its effect on economy of the country, I would be worried of its effect on the quality and richness of the debates policy matters.

Further, not everything should be evaluated from the point of view of – effect on the economy. I would call that “economic fanaticism”.

Plurality of views and opinions should be respected and encouraged for its own sake. Let every persons opinion be heard and debated, even if the number of people holding that opinion are in minority.

This leads to debates which are time consuming. But they are necessary in any policy making process, even if at some cost to the economy.

Prasad Kulkarni - April 8, 2011

Thank u very much sir,for ur response
keep guiding us time to time


3. Prasad Kulkarni - March 26, 2011

Respected Sir,
Just gon through ur school of thoughts,really awesome and will help us in continual additions & improvements in our knowledge.
Please keep it up and please keep posting.

Thanking you a lot.

4. Keyur Kotecha - July 11, 2010

Dear Sir,
Just gone through some of the articles and learned some of the complex theory through simple form.
Request to please continue post on the blog as it really helps the students who are coming from non-finance background.

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