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Shadows and Fog February 13, 2010

Posted by Chetan Chitre in Cinema.
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Saw this wonderful movie.

The movie is in B/W and shows the era so perfectly that it ame as a surprise that this was actually made in 1991.

By far the best that I have seen of Woody Allen (WA), though I must confess that I found WA pretty late in life.

The story takes place in a single night. The overall story is that of a serial killer causing fear in the vicinity and the neighbourhood has set-up all night vigilance to nab the killer.

But then the script (which is also by WA) has so many levels of meanings. Its just amazing how a simple narrative can be packed with so much of meaning and that to in the most subtle way. Guess thats the magic of WA. With this simple narrative WA manages to address the innermost fears of human psyche and the strange manner in which we chose to deal with those fears rather than confronting them upfront.

And then there is this sub-story of a circus-woman who so wonderfully compliments WA in the whole exercise. And finally its the most gulible sections of the society who are made the targets in the entire process.

The story finally ends with WA mustering enough courage to chuck away his middle class lifestyle and accept apprenticeship with a cicruc magician. The magician theme seems to be running thru some other WA movies as well. Does it begin from this movie?

Finally, as Almstead says – the entire life is nothing but an illusion – perhaps



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