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Natrang February 13, 2010

Posted by Chetan Chitre in Cinema.
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Saw Natrang.

Okayish I would say.

Invariably thats my reaction to a movie which is hyped by the media May be its a function of expectations.

About Natrang – The story was good in the sense that the plight of some of the traditional folk artists was shown, the dichotomy between enjoying the art but not willing to be a part of it etc., etc.

But somehow I found Atul Kulkarni extremely mediocre. Perhaps the only thing worth appreciating was the change in appearance and his physique. But he was far too stiff for a Nachya. I guess, those who have seen Ganpat Patil will never be able to aprreciate anyone else in the role.

So was the girl Sonali – a totally flat performance I thought.

One who impressed among the cast was Vijay Kadam – the guy who played the Manager. I thought he was very good. The character had several shades – at times very confusing ones. And he managed to portray it beautifully. Hats off !!! The only fear is that I have seen him too often in negative roles. This one was ofcourse a departure – and a good one at that. But then I feel he should be trying different characters.

Unfortunately the characters in our cinema are so templated that it is not easy to find something very different. You are either a Hero, a funny guy or a bad guy – and these days a hero with a negative role. In this aspect the story and script of Natrang stood out. At times it does succeed in getting the audience confused between the right and the wrong. There are mixed shades – which holds the viewer.

There are other positives such as cinematography, etc.

All considered a good product – except the fact that the performance of Atul Kulkarni has been over-hyped.



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Chetan Chitre - February 20, 2010

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