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Mad Money February 13, 2010

Posted by Chetan Chitre in Cinema.
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Saw this movie.

Cute one – Its about simple folks like u and me planning and executing a bank robbery with a finese.

An old lady, a middle aged mother of two kids and a young lass, all of them working with the fed in housekeeping and such other ordinary jobs. They are woking in some department which looks after shredding of soiled currency notes.

This money is being destriyed any way. So these ladies plan to ‘just recycle the waste’. What a noble thought !!! The IRS discovers in the end as they are spending lavishly – and all in cash However no charges could be proved other than tax evasion In the end the witty old lady manages to save sufficient cash as to enable them to resettle in the Carribean !!!

Diane Keaton (Godfather, Play it again Sam) is cute as the witty but simple old lady. Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes also have done a good supporting job. Apparently the lead role of her movie Annie Hall was written specifically for her. Havent seen this one yet.

The film is directed by Callie Khouri. Her film Thelma & Lousie (as screenwriter) in 1991 seems to have been critically acclaimed. Dont remember having seen it. However, I think I have seen her other movie (again as screenwriter) Something to Talk About (1995). Would love to watch these movies once again now. She seems good.



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