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Courts and Judgements February 13, 2010

Posted by Chetan Chitre in Books.
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Am presently reading this book by Arun Shourie

This guy has been writing books by the dozen. But somehow I have never felt like picking his book.

May be because of my bias against journalists. For some reason I have a dislike for this breed. They seem to have a lot of information, they know a lot of people, and generally they seem to know a lot. I guess, it comes naturally on account of their profession. And in the first meeting one gets awed by the amount of information they seem to have – always on the tip of their tongue. But dig a bit deeper- and there is a serious lack of the capacity to make sense out of it. And whatever little that does sink in finally, happens when one becomes an Arun Shourie.

Anyways I happened to pick the book from the lib the other day as I was in a hurry.

So there is all this halo around the name, more than 15 odd books to his credit, each one a nice fat volume of about 400 plus pages, and one starts reading some serious insight and analysis. But then true to the journalist in him, the book gives pages and pages of information – and derives some conclusions that you had probably known and understood ever since you were doing your post-graduation.

Not to deny or belittle the role played by journalists in the society. Making a piece of information public is a great task in itself. And full marks to people like Shourie who have been doing it religiously, at times even risking their lives for it. But making a piece of information public is different from analysing it and fitting it in the broader context.

If society comes to depend on journalist for insights and analysis – well – we would be worshipping false gods !!!



1. akshar100 - March 21, 2010

Shourie is a polymath of a rare kind. Its difficult to brand him just as a journalist and perhaps lot easier to use words like broader context.
In the world where assertions become irrefutable proofs shourie stands tall with his insights backed with logic and facts.

Long before China’s claims on Arunachal were flaunted by mainstream media, long before 26/11 actually happened shourie had articulated and pointed out to these possibilities at least a year ahead in time.

Now also he has been criticizing Indo-Us nuclear deal, our false assumptions wrt. china, our policy goof ups in education and economy etc. I am sure the main stream media will take up these issues 5 years hence forth when their impact increases.

Its sad that there are very few ppl like shourie around.

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